Tasteful product catalogues for the foodservice industry

Snellman Pro, the Snellman Group's sales channel for the foodservice industry, uses print products to complement their digital marketing. Every year, Snellman Pro sends out two different editions of product brochures to hotel chains, restaurants, and catering companies across Finland – product brochures that Forsberg has printed.

For Snellman Pro, product brochures are an important part of the company's marketing, because even though digital marketing channels have taken over, many people still prefer to browse through a freshly printed brochure.

– We have chosen to supplement our digital marketing with printed material. In addition to our product brochures, we also use exhibition walls, roll-ups, campaign material, and advertising leaflets, says Sanna Soininen, Marketing and Communications Manager at Snellman Pro.

The product brochures are their largest annual printed marketing product and are sent out to business customers in the foodservice industry twice a year. For Snellman Pro, it's extremely important that the product brochures are sent out on time and that they maintain a high quality.

– Shipments must go out on time to our customers and each individual product must be of high quality because we want to convey quality in everything we do. Forsberg meets the criteria with flying colors and has provided us with a very flexible solution: they print the brochures, put them in addressed envelopes, and send the envelopes out to our customers. And, for example, if we want to send out flyers or leaflets together with brochures, they can also take care of that for us.

At Snellman Pro, they are very satisfied with the partnership.

– I have been working with Forsberg ever since 2014, almost ten years. The best thing about them is that they are reliable and always greet you with a smile on your face. They also work quickly: sometimes we need to print products at short notice, and that is rarely a problem for them. We are very satisfied with the partnership, says Soininen.