FORSBERG FRESH: Customer case

Fresh Servant

Fresh Servant and Forsberg have collaborated for over seven years. In the beginning, the collaboration focused only on brochures, marketing materials, and business cards, but today Forsberg also produces packaging for some products in the Hetki series. For Elina Välisaari, product group manager for ready-to-eat products at Fresh Servant, the collaboration with Forsberg gives her several advantages.

Packaging is an important aspect of Fresh Servant's ready-to-eat products. For Välisaari, the importance of good packaging is undeniable: well-made packaging fulfills more functions than just looking good on the store shelf.

-"Packaging is very important to us. Good packaging appeals to consumers, protects the contents, and communicates important information to consumers. The packaging is usually the first contact we have with the customer, so it's important that the packaging gives the customer a good feeling" says Välisaari.

Forsberg's expertise in new packaging materials and manufacturing custom packaging products have been invaluable, says Välisaari who emphasizes that the collaboration always goes smoothly.

-"When we need a new packaging design, we only need to tell the staff at Forsberg our wishes, and they'll take care of the rest. Delivering packaging models to us is easy and fast, because our Edsevö office is only a few kilometers away from Forsberg."

-"Forsberg continues to produce different variations of the packaging until we feel it's exactly the way we want it. Once we have chosen the packaging model, they provide us with a dimensional drawing so that our advertising agency can start designing the appearance of the packaging. The collaboration works very smoothly" says Välisaari.

Forsberg's best features are their friendly customer service and flexibility. She appreciates the personal customer service and that the staff always go the extra mile to make their customers happy.

-"For our business, speed and flexibility are very important. Forsberg is flexible in its business and can react very quickly to, for example, orders for brochures and requests for the developing new packaging products. Forsberg also mails our brochures for us, which makes our work much easier. It feels good to know that Forsberg stands up for us - and that they always do it with a smile on their faces," says Välisaari.