A customized printing solution for product brochures

Norcar's production is in Ostrobothnia, but their miniloaders are sold all over Europe. With over 200 retailers in 16 countries, Norcar sends thousands of product catalogs to its dealers every year, and Forsberg has been printing Norcar's catalogues for many years as part of the company's versatile marketing.

For Fredrik Borgmästars, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Norcar, printed products are an important part of Norcar's marketing.

- We have a great need for various printed products and often send out product catalogues to our retailers, who in turn pass the catalogues on to potential customers. Printed products are an important part of our marketing, says Borgmästars.

Norcar miniloaders are known for their high quality and innovative products, something they want to show in everything they do.

- For us, quality is everything. All our products, from miniloaders and tools to marketing products, must maintain high quality and convey our product and service quality to customers, says Borgmästars.

Forsberg has for many years printed everything from product catalogues to flyers for Norcar and knows that trust and attentiveness are crucial for a fruitful and long-term partnership.

- We completely trust Forsberg because the partnership has always worked perfectly. They always meet us with smiling faces, even when we need to order more print products at short notice. They are flexible, knowledgeable, and can solve even the most urgent problems, says Borgmästars.

When Norcar was to hold a training course, they wanted to send out brochures to the participants, which they asked Forsberg to help with.

- In this case, we asked Forsberg to help us out, and it wasn't a problem for them. They printed the brochures and packed them directly in batches that we then gave to the participants. Through this solution, we didn't have to waste our time packing the brochures ourselves.

Norcar is satisfied with the collaboration with Forsberg.

- We are very satisfied with our partnership with Forsberg. They are flexible, attentive, and always keep their promises.