Locally produced packaging increases business competitiveness


In an industry with increasing competition from foreign products and manufacturers, Bertil's Health in Pietarsaari is making active domestic choices to strengthen its position in the market for dietary supplements and proactive health products. Their packaging is domestically manufactured, from raw materials to printing.

Just on the outskirts of the idyllic neighborhood of Skata with its old wooden houses in Pietarsaari, there is a factory with a beautiful brick-red facade. Here, the majority of the dietary supplement products sold by Bertil's Health are manufactured. As far as possible, the company uses domestic raw materials for their products.

– We are a Finnish company, and that's something we emphasize when we tell our story and when we talk about quality, says Janne Grahn, marketing manager at Bertil's Health.

Domestically produced dietary supplements of the highest quality

In addition to manufacturing and distributing dietary supplements, Bertil's Health also acts as a wholesaler of dietary supplements and health-promoting products. Their assortment includes over a hundred different products, with their own product line consisting of 33 different products, including vitamins and minerals.

– Our most important resellers are pharmacies and health food stores. We also sell products through online stores and some department stores, but not grocery stores. It is a deliberate choice - we want the consumer to have access to professional advice when buying one of our products. They should be able to ask about the products they want to use. We place great emphasis on advice and education, explains Janne.

Finnish choices

Whenever possible, Bertil's Health uses Finnish raw materials for their products, which for them makes a big difference. They want to support domestic production as much as they can.

– It's a no-brainer for us to support domestic production as much as possible. We have to import some of the raw materials since not every material is available in Finland, but whenever possible we buy locally and domestically produced materials.

Packaging made in Jakobstad

They chose locally produced packaging for their products.

– We have started printing 'Valmistettu Suomessa' on them to clarify that they are printed in Finland. They are truly locally produced, as Forsberg's printing house is only 300 meters from our factory. We have a very long-standing partnership with them, and by now they know us and our needs. Previously, we used to get sales materials, brochures, and store materials from Forsberg, but since they invested in machines for packaging, we now also order all of our packaging materials from them.

– It's funny: even though they have grown a lot in the last few years, they have been able to maintain the warm feeling of a small business, where you can call the CEO directly. They are 100% committed to their customers.

Another thing Janne highlights is the reliable delivery times.

– Their delivery times are always reliable. It's absolutely extraordinary: we haven't come across anything similar anywhere else. The service is really incredible, and the quality is incredibly consistent, you never see any difference in quality. Everything simply works: deliveries are timely, the price is good, and the quality is good and consistent. We are very happy customers of Forsberg, says Janne.