Packaging is part of the product

Dermosil manufactures products for beauty, hair, and skin care – an everyday luxury that gives that little something extra. For holidays, they launch themed product packaging that contribute to the holiday experience.

- It doesn't necessarily have to be about using only red and green to make Christmas packaging, says Emma Konwalj, one of three graphic designers at Dermosil. We use strong, cheerful colors in contrast with white as well as shiny silver and gold, to create a festive and wintry look.

Emma has an education in graphic design and communication with a focus on packaging.

- You cannot design something without keeping in mind how the product will be received. The packaging must always be based on the product's profile and identity; is it luxurious or playful, or is it seasonal? Does it have a particular scent? Sometimes the product works best as part of a themed product series, in which case the theme largely determines how the product is to be designed.

The most important thing is that the packaging feels like a Dermosil product, that is has our famous "Dermosil DNA" as we usually say around here.

- Our slogan is "A gift for your skin". Our products are and should feel high-quality, reliable, gentle, and inspiring. Order is also a deeply ingrained mantra in our company culture, which keeps us on the right track both when it comes to design, concept, and communication.

Dermosil releases many new products per year.

- It's both fun and challenging to create packaging for our products. We strive to both surprise and meet the customers' high expectations. It's also important that the packaging works throughout our entire chain, like when we pack the products, for example. The collaboration with Forsberg has worked great in that regard. Their office is close to ours and we can send sample packaging back and forth. They come up with many good ideas that help us with technical solutions.

We have cooperated with Forsberg for a few years and are very satisfied with the quality. Sustainability is important to us, and together with Forsberg, we strive to find smart solutions that are appealing, functional, and environmentally friendly. Our customers receive products in well-made packaging that by design uses as little material as possible.