A custom printing solution for a Nordic partnership


A partnership that started with a brochure has today turned into a completely customized printing solution. Niclas Rautamo, CEO of Rautamo, a wholesaler in the tire industry, says that Forsberg's customized solution has helped them reach out to their customers and save valuable resources.

Forsberg has collaborated with Rautamo for over 20 years. The collaboration looks completely different today than it did at the beginning because Rautamo has grown strongly and now has customers and retailers all over the Nordics - a factor that changed the company's printing needs.

- Many years ago when we started direct mailing our customers, we tried to do the job ourselves: we folded all the brochures and mailed them to the customers. This was, of course, incredibly time-consuming, so we contacted Forsberg," says Rautamo.

The collaboration started with a simple brochure but eventually developed into a completely customized printing solution.

- We saw the possibilities in working with Forsberg. Today, they print product catalogues, brochures, table mats, price lists, and cover letters for us. Not only that, but they also pack and distribute the products to our customers. The brochures that Forsberg prints for us look different from each other because they are sent to different customer groups. They print and pack the product catalogues, brochures, and price lists in our custom boxes, label them, and then send the products to the right customer group in both Finland and Sweden."

Niclas is very satisfied with the collaboration and sees Forsberg as a reliable partner.

- All we have to do is send our print files to Forsberg and they take care of the rest. For us, it's extremely important that all products are packed correctly and that the catalogues aren't accidentally delivered to the wrong customer group. Our partnership with Forsberg has saved us a lot of resources and worked well from the very beginning. We know that they always do a fantastic job and that gives us more time to focus on our business instead."