We are stronger together

The main ingredient of our business has from the very beginning been the strong relationship with our customers. Together with our graphic designers, project managers, and customer service team, we work closely with our customers to find the best solution.


A dedicated team striving for the best possible result

Forsberg's printing press started rolling in 1912, and since then we have become a modern printing and packaging company with customers all over Finland.

Our biggest strength, however, is not our longstanding experience but our dedicated and talented staff. We are proud of what we do and work every day to create the best products and solutions for our customers.


A modern workplace

We produce packaging for some of the largest companies in Finland

After a hundred years of printing experience, we decided in 2018 to invest in a line of packaging machines, and today we produce packaging products for some of the largest companies in Finland. The packaging of a product is often the first contact between a company and its customers, and that's why we have made it our specialty to create spectacular packaging that appeals to consumers, protects products, and strengthens brands.

We are proud that we can offer our customers custom solutions for high-quality print and packaging products as part of our customers' marketing strategies.

The journey toward becoming a media house

We have big ambitions and an insatiable passion for marketing and communication. A few years ago, we had the vision to expand our communication channels, and as a result, we have now founded Someone, a social media agency, and an online packaging store, Weboksi. We are always looking to take the next step and have great expectations for the future.