Product catalogues & Customer magazines

With a stylish product catalogue or customer magazine, you can display your products and inspire your customers. We layout and print your products and offer comprehensive solutions based on your unique needs. A catalog or magazine is an effective complement to your company's digital marketing channels.

A solution for your specific needs

With us, only you set the limits. We work closely with you during the entire process until you feel that the product is exactly the way you want it.

In addition to printing services, we are happy to help you pack and distribute your products. If you need to store the products, we can also arrange a storage solution. At Forsberg, we are flexible and always develop our solutions based on the customers' unique needs.

Product catalogues

We make it easy for you

All you have to do is send us pictures together with a product or price list, and our graphic designer will compile everything into a complete catalogue based on your wishes, both in terms of layout and materials. If you want a thicker cover, for example, we can laminate and foil it for a more exclusive feel.

Customer magazines

Assistance from idea to print

We help you with everything from layout and selection of paper to printing and distribution. Based on your instructions, we compile images and texts in our layout software, which you can look at during the process. When you are satisfied with the result, we start printing and post-treatment, and, if desired, distribution.


  • Common sizes are A4 and A5, but we print in all formats
  • We can produce print originals
  • Flexible delivery times according to your needs