Branded products

Make a good first impression and boost your brand with our branded products. From us, you can get everything from business cards and appointment cards to calendars, envelopes, and invitation cards in any material and size.

Stand out from the crowd with your own branded products

We help you design your branded products, everything from graphic layout to material choice. To enhance the feel of the products, we can also request finishing treatments such as foiling or lamination.

If you want to make a particularly strong impression with your business cards or other printed products, we can also print QR codes that automatically lead the person scanning to a certain web page or map location.


Technical aspects

Layout and material selection

Regardless of whether you want to order desk calendars, business cards, envelopes, or any other print product, we will help you throughout the entire process. If you do not have a print-ready file, our graphic designer will be happy to create a graphic layout for you, and with our knowledgeable staff, you can discuss everything from paper selection to finishing.

Additional services

Elegant last touches

We also offer additional services to give your printed products that little bit extra. We can number and wrap your products in plastic, address and mail them to customers or relatives, and also print, for example, barcodes on the products. At Forsberg, we are flexible and always strive to find a solution that meets our customers' unique needs.


  • Printed in all standard sizes, but also in custom sizes

  • Finishing possible on all products (foiling, lamination, or embossing)

  • Fast delivery times